Colorado State University

IDS Resources

"Integrated computer-based modeling tools to develop Decision Support Systems for water resource management."

Hardware Resources

Platforms: IDS has developed applications on multiple UNIX platforms and projects under Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT on PCs.

Printers: One HP Design Jet 650C Plotter (300 dpi Color/600 dpi Black and White).
One HP III Laser Printer
One HP 4 Laser Printer
Cannon Color Printer

PCs: Eight fully networked.

Software Resources

Languages: IDS has developed applications using C, C++ and FORTRAN.

Graphical User Interface (GUI): IDS uses the X and OSF Motif widget libraries for developing GUIs in applications on UNIX platforms and Microsoft Windows on PCs.

Development Tools: Software tools are utilized by the IDS group for the development of GUIs and improving applications on UNIX platforms such as Lucid Energize C++, TeleUSE, Purify, and public domain software. Under Microsoft Windows C++ and ArcView scripting are used.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS): GIS are used for the analysis and display of spatial information. There are two main GIS both supported at IDS: Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS) and ARC/INFO. More and more experience with scripting using Avenue for ArcView.